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Vitral Grup

Professional manufacturers of building glass and Aluminum & PVC enclosures.

We are a family business founded in 1962 dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of flat glass. In the 70's we introduced the manufacture and commercialization of aluminum carpentry and, since the last decade, we incorporated into our activity a new line of PVC enclosures.

At Vitral Grup we respond to the technical, aesthetic, architectural and regulatory requirements in the construction sector, evolving according to the most state of the art trends. Our work is strengthened by a close human service, comprised of a team of professionals and experts, technically prepared and passionate about their work. These values, along with the social and environmental commitments we have maintained since the beginning, have allowed us to grow step by step, with rigor and prudence as professionals within the sector.

To develop our projects, we dispose of a glass manufacturing plant, an aluminum and PVC closures production plant and a aluminium profiles and accessories warehouse. In total, more than 16,000 square meters of industrial surface located in the industrial area of “La Nora d'Alcoletge”, in the province of Lleida.

From our group of companies we promote a future project that would not be possible without an expertly trained human team, technically prepared, passionate about their work and ready to innovate & research in order to be able to offer our client and to the society as a whole a reality: moving forward, growing and evolving to achieve a common goal: to be better at what matters.

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Contributors and suppliers

At Vitral Grup we work and collaborate with companies and organizations to create an exemplary industrial sector. We strive to promote and create quality standards that can meet eye to eye the highest architectural and environmental requirements. We hereby invite you to join us!
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Licenses and Brands

The brands that trust Vitral Grup and in which Vitral Grup trusts. The raw materials and manufacturing methods of top brands are the best guarantee of quality, durability and sustainability for professionals in the sector and for the whole society.
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Environmental commitment

At Vitral Grup, as industrial manufacturers within the construction sector, two of our main concerns are the environmental impact we generate, with the materials and processes of our factories, and the needs of the local community. We have developed a culture of pollution prevention through planning each one of the phases of our daily activity.


Our suppliers certify their social and environmental commitment in all phases of their products, from design, through manufacturing and finally the destruction process. Vitral Grup is committed to continuously improving and generate the greatest positive impact both in its methods and in the products it manufactures.

Finance Assistance

Buildings are responsible for the 30% of the global energy consumption and the 28% of the CO2 emissions. The building enclosures and its quality, both in the manufacturing process and installation, are key to create spaces thermally isolated from the outside, with optimal ventilation and entry of natural light. That is why the correct advice and planning together with the right product are essential to reduce the environmental impact of the building.

Smart Builders

We know that our product will generate the least environmental impact thanks to its long lifespan and the materials that compose it. Aluminum has a recycling rate of more than 80% and requires only the 5% of the energy required for its original production. Recycling glass, with a rate of more than a 70%, decreases emissions by more than a 40% and reaches energy savings of a 30%.

Interiorly Designed

At Vitral Grup we manage all waste according to the regulation so it's always recycled, reused or processed by landfill companies controlled and regulated by the administration. It is very important in order to avoid the contamination generated by the deposit of these materials at the environment as well as to avoid over-exploitation of natural resources.

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